The Openbaraza Framework is an open-source Java development platform that makes application development easy. Using the framework, database driven desktop, applets, server and web applications can be easily developed and deployed using an XML document.

Openbaraza is divided in three different blocks there is the Core Java code block, XML block and the Database block. The Core Java code block is again divided into four different blocks, that is; applet, servlet, server and IDE.

The Openbaraza Framework provided through Dew CIS Solutions is the result of 7 years of software engineering and fieldwork with a variety of clients across Kenya and Africa. Openbaraza is an open source initiative hosted in source forge, with community support by Mailing lists and Forums.

Why Openbaraza ?

  • Rapid application development of both desktop and Web applications
  • Low development cost
  • Very stable
  • Well defined (well ordered design)
  • Ease of operation (user friendly)
  • Platform independent


The Openbaraza Framework is an open-source, Java application development framework featuring a set of reusable, standards-based software components designed to shorten time-to-delivery of both desktop and web-based applications enabling the developer to concentrate on application logic.

The Openbaraza framework provides a flexible, configurable and highly secure architectural framework for supporting the development of Java-based portfolio of applications. Openbaraza aggregates and extends traditional Java and generic Object Oriented design patterns to achieve these objectives.

Openbaraza Framework Components



Openbaraza Projects

Baraza Human Capital Management (HCM)

Baraza HCM is an open-source Human Capital Management (HCM) System, providing organizations with a flexible workflow-based Human Resource Management solution. It has an easy to use, intuitive interface, with many features including employee management; leave management, benefits, reminders and more.

Baraza University Management Information System (UMIS)

Baraza UMIS is an open source University Management Information System easily configurable to meet the unique operations of any institution of higher learning. Processes already automated include student admission, registration, examination, course management, student welfare, student self-service, alumni and student financials.

Baraza Payroll

Baraza Payroll is a low-cost payroll solution that supports an unlimited number of employees and users, with support for tracking benefit accruals and multiple deduction types, as well as providing compliance reporting tools. The payroll system can run as an integrated module of Baraza HCM system or as a standalone system that can be integrated to third party Accounting systems.

Baraza Accounting

Accounting are the heart of every business, with Baraza Accounting, you can manage your cash, pay your bills, invoice your customers, allocate budgets, manage your assets and analyze your costs. Baraza Accounting System ensures accuracy of Accounting posting reporting, e-accountancy, real time processing of all transactions and auto reporting.

Baraza SACCO

The Baraza SACCO consists of modular based applications that integrate to provide a fully-fledged Enterprise level Software Suite to manage the needs of Savings management and Loan management. An integrated General Ledger and Accounts Management Module ensures that Accounts reporting can be handled without having to use a separate system to handle the same. It handles Member information and tracks the Savings and Loan activity with ease rendered over a secure intranet accessible via any standard web browser.

Baraza SMS Messaging

Baraza SMS Messaging Server is a powerful, flexible SMS Gateway application, which enables you and your applications to send/receive SMS messages to mobile devices from your computer. The Baraza SMS solution comes with an easy and intuitive interface, and an excellent internal architecture built on Java framework. The application can use a GSM mobile phone attached to the PC with a phone-to-PC data cable or IP SMS technology to transmit and receive the messages.

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