Baraza SACCO Management System – Functionality

Baraza SACCO Modules


This module maintains information on members/customers such as name, age, gender, address, income, family information (spouse information, names and ages of dependents etc.), employment data etc.

You can search for members in the system by name or member number. The system shows the membership status – potential members, membership applications etc. The system tracks all information about members – personal information, accounts (loans, savings) as well as guarantors.

Loan Management

The Loan Management Module Supports key activities and requirements of the Loan Management process as follows:

  • Addition and modification of loan product information with detailed information about each product
  • Flexible interest calculation with support for various methods of interest calculation – Flat interest rate, Declining Balance, Equal principal repayments, Variable rate interest.
  • Member loan award management – information about loans award amounts, guarantor information, loan repayment history, interest accrued etc. Several loan accounts belonging to the same member are automatically linked.
  • All activities for handling a running loan can be handled – disbursements and repayments, penalty fees (for late repayments), calculating interest on loans.
  • It has the administrative facility to carry out suspension on penalty fees, rescheduling loan repayment periods etc.

This module fully integrates with the General Ledger so all changes are immediately captured in the GL.


It allows addition and modification of information regarding Deposits, Savings, Shares and Checking products.

Features include:

  • Accounts can be jointly held (e.g. by a husband and wife).
  • Tracking is possible for beneficiaries in case of death or incapacitation of a member.
  • Transfers can be made between accounts of the same member or different members.
  • It handles various savings types: eg. Ordinary savings accounts, shares accounts, Group savings accounts, including information about amount saved by each group member.
  • Set withdrawal limits (for savings accounts)
  • Apply penalties for premature withdrawals
  • Share dividends calculations – based either on interest rate, or profit figure for the year (distributed between members).
  • Calculation of group insurance fees. Also maintains off-book group savings accounts.
  • Support for demand deposits, current, checking and overdraft accounts.
  • Interest can be calculated based on Daily ending balances, Minimum daily/ monthly/ quarterly balance, Average daily/monthly balance and Average/ending/minimum balance for user defined periods
  • Flexible interest calculation
  • Supports various payment frequencies so that interest can be paid out on daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, every four weeks, semi-monthly, quarterly, annually. User-defined periods can be set.
  • Can calculate withholding tax, products can be excluded from the calculation.
  • Interest rate changes can be backdated, and accrued interest is corrected accordingly, even if interest has already been applied.

The Savings module is fully integrated with General Ledger and Members Module, and all changes are reflected immediately in GL.

General Ledger & Accounting

Savings and Loan Modules are fully integrated with the General Ledger (GL) Module. The flexibility of the GL allows definition and importation from other systems; Account numbering is user-configurable.

Other features include:

  • Loan/ Savings products can be placed in different control accounts allowing for reporting by products.
  • Budget by General Ledger Account
    1. Full Audit Trail
    2. Fixed Assets
    3. Asset Depreciation
    4. Bank Reconciliation
  • Can produce cost/profitability analysis by product.
  • Produces trial balances report, this report can be produced for user-defined periods.
  • Permits entry of deposits related income and expenses.
  • Full range of standard financial reports like balance sheet, income/expense statement, and debit/credit by control accounts etc.
  • Fixed Assets module tracks fixed assets, their initial value, method of depreciation used, accumulated depreciation.
  • Facility is provided to import transactions data and post them. Appropriate verification is taking place to ensure that credit/debit is balanced, and total sum of all postings is correct.


  • Contains full range of CGAP reports. Report formats are clear and readable. Can report on budget versus actual expense & income.
  • Trial balances report (for any user-defined period)
  • Daily transaction reports
  • Detailed audit trail (actions taken by each user)
  • Member printouts: e.g. periodical statements, balance printouts.
  • Reports can be generated in batches or by request
  • Export and save facility (i.e. in *.pdf, *.xls, *.doc files)

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