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Alfresco Functionality

Over the last few years there has been a significant increase in the number of organizations implementing Governance, Retention and Compliance policies and procedures. Driven by a need to comply with stricter legislation and a desire to show greater levels of corporate transparency and responsibility companies are turning to technology to help ensure compliance with corporate rules and procedures.

Records Management (RM) solutions can help capture, control and manage vital corporate information, much of which resides in business documents, emails, financial reports etc.

Certified to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.02 standard, the Alfresco Records Management module provides all of the functionality needed to help any organization capture, classify, control and dispose of a wide range of corporate records.


The Alfresco RM solution allows the capture of new records from a variety of simple to use interfaces. Adopting industry standards removes the need to install local client applications on an individual’s computer. This zero footprint client approach provides support for:

  • Web – Alfresco provide a web-based client to allow easy access from any location. Users can upload, declare and manage corporate records via a simple to use web browser interface;
  • Network Drive – Supporting the industry standard Common Internet File System (CIFS) interface allows the Alfresco RM repository to appear just like a shared Network Drive. This allows all users to simple copy, or drag-and-drop files into the RM solution straight from their desktop;
  • IMAP – Supporting the IMAP email protocol allows any IMAP compliant email application to access the alfresco repository through a simple email folder. Users can browse the RM file plan and simply drag new email items into the repository, putting them under the control of the records Management module; and,
  • Pre-population of Meta-data – The ability to extract and use information inherent in the document and email content to pre-populate records meta-data, reduces the time needed to declare new records.

Manage and Control

Once new records are added the Alfresco RM module provides functionality to manage the lifecycle of records while controlling who has access, and what actions they can take for each individual record. These features include:

  • Fileplan – Automatically classify and schedule records based on a pre-existing plan and standardized structures;
  • Auto-Numbering – Provides the capability to automatically and sequentially number vital corporate records;
  • Type-based Metadata –Classify and schedule records based on configurable records based types;
  • Automated Lifecycle Management – Use simple to configure rules to control and schedule content review, cut-off, transfer and archive;
  • Configurable Dashboards – Allows records management specialists to configure the system dashboards with pre-defined reports to search and screen records – allowing for the easy identification and resolution of exceptions; and,
  • Rapid eDiscovery – Provides users with a simple to use search across full-text content, fileplan structures, records management categories and record types.


At some point corporate records will come to the end of their useful life. These records need to be destroyed, archived for long-term storage or transferred to another system (e.g. national archives). The Alfresco RM solution provides:

  • Full Disposition Support – Controlled and scheduled handling of archiving, holds, transfers, accessions and destruction using configurable rules and automated processing;
  • Retention and Archive Policies – Ability to configure different retention and archive policies based on type and fileplan;
  • Automated Conversion – Provides routines that automatically convert documents from proprietary formats to a long-term vendor neutral archival format, such as Portable Document Format (PDF/A) and Open Document Format (ODF) and;
  • Archive Export – Simple to use export for long term archival.

Although certified to the DoD 5015.02 standard, the Alfresco RM solutions has been implemented on top of a generalized records management metadata model, allowing other standards (such as MoReq2, NOARK, etc.) to be supported.

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