Alfresco Share

Alfresco Functionality

Alfresco Share is built on the alfresco enterprise-class document repository and delivers out-of-the-box collaborative content management. It simplifies capturing, sharing and retrieval of information across virtual teams. Team or project members can rapidly find relevant content, experts, look at past or similar projects and keep on top of any relevant changes to make them more efficient.

Document Library

Simply bulk-upload project content and let others choose content via thumbnails and view it in a Flash viewer – allowing users to view content regardless of the originating application or product version (e.g. Microsoft Office 2007). Simply search rich meta-data of document properties and tags. Allow access via an RSS feed.


Teams can search for people and experts to contribute to their projects as easily as searching for content.

Activity Feeds

Provide users with updates on what is new or changing in a project – essentially providing the “who, what, when and where” for content that is added, edited or commented on, as well as new team members and critical calendar dates.

Create Virtual Teams

Create the right virtual team for projects and communities including both internal and external members.

Personalized Dashboard

Use a rich interactive interface to configure a customizable dashboard and sites based on what is most important to a specific role or project.

Draft CMIS Support

A draft implementation of the proposed Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification is included to provide a platform for developing and testing new applications. The proposed CMIS standard is currently undergoing OASIS committee stage review and is backed by all of the leading ECM vendors.

SharePoint Protocol Support

The first ECM platform to offer Microsoft Office SharePoint Protocol support. Delivering lower cost collaboration with no additional client installation required and allows choice for hardware, database, operating system, application server and portal products.

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