Openbravo ERP

Opening the Future of ERP

Openbravo is a web-based enterprise resource planning solution, which is fully integrated and easily customizable to meet the demands of any industry. The solution is highly scalable to fit any level of ranging from SMEs with just 3 users to large organizations spanning thousands of users.

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Business Benefits of Openbravo

Openbravo 3, the agile ERP, empowers organizations across industries worldwide to improve business performance through increased productivity and business agility–while delivering superior ROI over the long term


Openbravo provides the foundation to simplify your business
  • Eliminate duplicate entry
  • Centralize and maintain reliable data
  • Automate all core operational processes
  • Streamline organization-wide operations
  • Collaborate across departments & geographies


Openbravo enables you to maximize your business
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Expand to multiple sites and external users
  • Go global with multiple currencies & languages
  • Access information and processes in real-time
  • Improve decision making process and enhance strategy execution


Openbravo 3 includes a broad functional footprint that provides a firm foundation for business agility. It is based on a single, integrated database model covering all key application areas of a complete business management system, including seamless integration to Point of Sale (POS).

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Openbravo in your Industry



  • Automated business processes to improve efficiencies
  • Accurate, real time, global inventory visibility from any location
  • Extended supply chain visibility, real time data sharing
  • Managed customer order tracking and delivery execution
  • Central view of inventory with store-level control
  • Easy to learn and highly productive POS interface
  • One central point of control for all of your channels
  • 360 degree view of the customer from any location
  • Scale from a single store to a multi-national chain



  • Innovative manufacturing process modeling & execution
  • Integrated multi-site product engineering and mfg
  • Serial and lot based traceability, full audit
  • Accurate procurement and manufacturing planning based on customer demand
  • Holistic project management, from bid-to-complete
  • Project expense tracking and monitoring of project revenues, budget and profitability management
  • Accurate customer billing based on project milestones
  • Sub-contractor and outsourcing management

Non-Profits / Government Agencies

  • Automated business processes optimize utilization
  • Role based security & audit for transparency & compliance
  • Track fulfillment of services to customers and citizens
  • Manage geographically distributed service points from any location

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