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Baraza HCM

Baraza HCM functional components

HR Core

The HR Core module is the centerpiece of HR functionality for Baraza HCM. This includes

  1. Organization Management
  2. Employee Management
  3. Employee Records Management
  4. Time and Attendance Management
  5. Leave Management
  6. Benefits Management

Organizational Management

The system will provide an option for making a flexible organization structure and reporting relationships between different positions

Employee Management

The system will enable capture of details (e.g. rank, division, job title, Job Description etc) of various positions within the organizations and the authorized posts for each rank.

Employee Records Management

This section captures all the personal details of an employee (e.g. Name, Employee No., Date of birth, sex, Salary scale, Division/Unit, Job grade, Date of appointment, education level and qualification, contractual agreement etc.) and other related details such as employee’s next of kin and their details (names, ages, sex, relation to employee etc.).

Certain employee information can be entered and updated by employees themselves through Employee Self-Service. The system will allow addition or deletion of information only by authorized persons and keep an audit trail of who and when such changes were made.

Time and Attendance Management

Time and attendance management module gives the ability to significantly improve the efficiency of your business by simplifying the daily time management activities for all of the members of the workforce.

Time & Attendance provides project managers and supervisors visibility into important project details from within the application including time logged on a project and specific employees working on sub-tasks

Leave Management

Leave Management includes absence management capabilities, requests for time-off can be submitted and routed for approval in advance, and in addition the system will track deviations from planned attendance, including such activities as late arrivals, early departures or not working on a scheduled day.

Benefits Management

The solution maintains all information about employee eligibility, benefit offerings, and participation for an unlimited number of plans or combinations of plans including the administration of traditional employer-defined benefits and pension programs.

The module ensures accurate, automatic calculations of coverage, as well as for contributions and deductions for health, GPA, pensions and much more. Additionally, strategic benefits-related decisions are effortless when you leverage our sophisticated and intuitive reporting and analysis tools

Talent Management

For your workforce to run at its most efficient, you need to make the most of the talents of your employees. Talent management module helps you do just that by identifying, strengthening, and making use of each employee’s specific talents.

Talent Management module consists of the following tools

  1. Recruitment
  2. Performance Management
  3. Succession Planning
  4. Employee development and Learning Management


Recruiting & Hiring streamlines the entire hiring lifecycle from talent needs assessment, requisition creation, and sourcing to candidate selection and onboarding. Recruiters and hiring managers face numerous challenges, including high volumes of candidates and resumes, an inefficient and time consuming hiring process, paper- based or manual requisitions and candidate assessments, and no overall global view of organizational hiring.

This modules seamlessly connects all of the key processes within the hiring process

  1. Talent Needs Assessment: Assessing the talent requirements and managing job requisitions
  2. Sourcing Management: Recruiting for an open position (both internally and externally).
  3. Candidate Evaluation: Evaluating candidates’ skills and competencies and managing the interview process

Performance Management

All organizations seek to improve alignment between workforce activities and overall business strategies and objectives. This alignment is typically achieved through performance management and goals. Managers and their directs establish goals as part of the performance management process and align the goals up through the organization

  •  The system provides for categories of staff e.g. the appraisal for management and non- management staff.
  •  Types of Appraisal e.g. annual, confirmations, special
  • User defined Performance attributes and rating
  • The system carries out staff appraisal online
  • Total points score, Recommendation and action taken.

Succession Management

Employees are clearly more engaged and motivated when they are empowered with some level of control over their careers and future paths. It can be argued that it HR’s job is to provide the appropriate tools to empower employees to take control over their own careers.

By bridging employee development and succession planning, employees can more easily develop themselves for future roles of interest, and nominees who are not ready for advancement can be assigned detailed development plans that guide them to improve the competencies and skills required for new job positions. Learning paths and specific courses can be established for employees to facilitate their career growth. By providing the proper tools to employees, HR leaders can take a more active role in reducing high performer flight while promoting growth and engagement.


Employee Development and Learning Development

Development plans help employees improve in their current role, better prepare them for a future role of interest (which is important in the context of succession planning), or both. While employee skill, competency, and behavior gaps are typically identified during the performance assessment process, learning delivery is a key mechanism to closing the gaps.

Learning for learning’s sake is an ineffective strategy. But learning to close skill, competency, and behavior gaps and therefore improve an employee’s contribution in a current role or help the employee better prepare for a future role, is something altogether different. Therefore, development and learning processes must be seamlessly linked from both a process and underlying technology perspective.

 Organizations that have linked employee development and learning management report:

  • Better workforce alignment to overall strategy
  • Improved ability to quickly respond to changing 
business needs
  • Higher revenue per employee
  • Better internal talent mobility
  • Improved workforce productivity


Processing a complex payroll creates ample room for error. Yet making mistakes can put your company at risk. We understand the mission-critical importance of accurate, on-time payroll management. We deliver payroll management features you would expect from a high-end payroll system—and at an affordable price.

The payroll module supports an unlimited number of employees and users, with support for tracking benefit accruals and multiple deduction types, as well as providing compliance reporting tools. The system comprises of integrated modules in all aspects of Human Resource Management and payroll functions including management of pension disbursements.

Payroll capabilities give you the flexibility to:

  • Make payroll-related strategic and tactical decisions using our management tools for analysis
  • Manage complex payroll with multiple pay types per employee per pay period
  • Provide secure access to pay advice for employees
  • Quickly and easily change payroll rules and update employee 
benefit deductions
  • Meet reporting requirements for KRA

Featured Highlights

  1. Flexible and Complex Processing Capabilities –  Support for user definable earnings, deductions per employee per period. User definable changes in tax and other statutory deductions can be maintained and easily changed.
  2. Flexibility and Accuracy – The module quickly and accurately processes payroll that can consists up to thousands of employee. Changes in payroll rules can easily be done including rollback of payroll processing
  3. Compliance Reporting – Generation of payroll standards reports in conformance to Kenyan laws that including but not limited to Credit Advisories,p-9 and p-10 reports and other user defined end year reports. Other examples include pay slips, elements listing, cash analysis, and other statutory deductions (NSSF, PAYE, NHIF).

Employee Self-Service

Self-service portals make it easier and faster for employees to answer questions and help themselves. This includes everything from simple activities such as updating personal information to more complicated tasks involving collaborative workflow and processes.

For managers, the self-service portal streamlines internal management-related processes. Managers can more easily bring new hires on board; initiate job transfers; plan promotions; and update employee information more quickly and autonomously. A self-service portal can provide a dynamic checklist of tasks that must be completed in any given managerial process, to help guide managers and ensure that organizational best practice are followed and no crucial steps are overlooked.

Reporting and Analytics

Baraza HCM comes out of the box with several standard reports useful to any HR department. Constantly changing business conditions have thrust human resources to the forefront of strategic planning. The foundation of process improvement is a company’s ability to measure and provide real-time analysis of organizational performance. Reporting and analysis is key to an organization’s success in managing employee resources.

Reporting and Analytics provides organizations with the information they need to more effectively design and implement business strategies in support of corporate objectives and initiatives. The solution leverages the extensive data and metadata harnessed within the entire talent platform to provide a holistic view of workforce information. It also provides a variety of different tools to meet an organization’s reporting and analysis needs. Each module includes numerous standard reports that provide tabular information supporting various aspects of the particular solution.


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