Tamshi Messaging (Email & SMS)

Collaboration systems have evolved into sophisticated tools that provide e-mail, calendaring services, shared address books, task management, encryption, support for mobile messaging, and other capabilities

Hosted Business E-mail

Tamshi Hosted e-mail delivers reliable and secure email service to customer’s desktop, web and mobile devices.

Core Features of Tamshi Business Hosted E-mail Service include

Access through multiple channels

Desktop Email

Tamshi enables customers to easily access email from their desktop using applications like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail via standard open protocols such as – IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV.


Tamshi Email brings businesses a modern, user-friendly web interface whose features include:

  • Lightweight AJAX interface available in over a dozen languages
  • Modern look and feel that mimics Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Drag and Drop capabilities for contacts, events and mail messages
  • All modern Web browsers are supported

With Tamshi webmail, company’s also get access to email, calendar and address book

Mobile Devices

With Tamshi Email, data access goes beyond the Web and native interfaces. Tamshi supports virtually every mobile device such as:

  • Apple iPhone devices: which are supported natively through the use of the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols, that re well supported by Tamshi Email
  • Google Android devices: which can easily synchronize calendars and contacts with Tamshi Email
  • Windows Mobile phones and BlackBerry devices using the Funambol middleware. Funambol also enables any SyncML capable devices to fully synchronize contacts, events and tasks with Tamshi Email.
Spam & Virus Filtering

The proliferation of spam has led to millions of dollars in lost productivity and additional infrastructure costs for businesses. To curtail spam, Tamshi has put up defensive technology and techniques to keep mailboxes protected from this rapidly changing threat.

Tamshi SMS Web Portal

The Tamshi SMS Web Portal is a feature–rich portal enabling registered customers to send SMS messages, set up users and establish databases, groups, rosters and reminders. The Portal is a home page for businesses to monitor and control account activities and provides nominated administrators with complete visibility and control over usage of Tamshi SMS by user and/or cost center.

Core Features

Group Broadcasts

Group Broadcast enables businesses to send the same SMS/MMS message to thousands of users in an instant.

Recurring messages

This feature enables businesses to set up delivery of recurring messages periodically to individual contacts or groups. It is ideal for reminders, birthdays, anniversaries or regular meetings.

Contact Groups

A contact database can be grouped into logical units, for example by organizational departments. By creating a group, businesses can send an SMS message to the entire team by selecting the group from the list on the web site or by emailing the unique group ID, which is assigned when the group is first, created online.


An escalation is used when the sender wants assurance that an SMS message has been received and acknowledged. Escalations are typically used for mission critical network alerts or major customer contact requests. This feature enables businesses to build a list of people to contact in order of priority with a time period allocated between each person. Each person on the escalation chain will be alerted in order, until one recipient has replied to the SMS with the word ‘ACK’ to turn off any further messages. ACK indicates that the message has been acknowledged


Pre-typed message templates can be created for future use eliminating the need to repeatedly type the same message. Message templates can be saved under different databases for standard SMS or mail merge use.

Logs and Reports

This online reporting feature provides complete visibility and control of SMS messages and usage by user and/or cost center. Access to message data and some reports is controlled by user security; Administrators have complete access while General Users can only view the messages that they have sent.

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