Feasibility & Requirements Analysis

DewCIS combines a proven business-requirements development framework with extensive expertise to address all aspects of the requirements development process.

The requirements process must engage and coordinate stakeholder groups across the organization to ensure that the end system meets business goals and addresses user needs. The process also must ensure that the system can be implemented, scaled to accommodate future growth, and supported and maintained over time.

We will help you:

  • Define and document requirements, business rules, and data elements, and create a traceability matrix.
  • Develop a flexible, customizable requirements definition methodology, including methods, procedures, supporting artifacts, templates, and documentation.
  • Identify and evaluate functionality and gaps of packaged solutions.
  • Define organizational change management considerations and develop communications plan.
  • Create standard operating procedures, customized training courses, and content for the key business requirements stakeholders with focus on organizational change-management considerations.
  • Develop metrics to manage the requirements delivery process.

Feasibility and Requirements process:

  • Aligns solutions with business needs.
  • Enables traceability in your requirements process.
  • Supports organizational adoption

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