Business Process Assessment & Design

Close the value gap between new technology adoption and Business Results

Managing the performance and availability of your systems can be just as challenging as implementing the system itself. But that doesn’t have to be the case. We at DewCIS can provide you with performance analysis and capacity planning services to help you optimize your IT environment efficiently. Your technology choices can make or break your ability to compete. Our proven business assessment services rapidly close the value gap between new technology adoption and business results.

Operations Capabilities Assessment

We undertake Operations Capabilities Assessment that would involve an objective, quantitative assessment of the people, process and tools factors that define an organization’s ability to deliver IT-based services reliably and cost-effectively. The assessment service delivers a portrait of the current state of your IT department’s operational capabilities — identifying gaps and issues — and provides recommendations for improvement.

Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning

Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning helps you evaluate your IT environment and develop a plan to help you meet your current and future business needs. You can improve utilization of your current assets by developing a model that uncovers congestion, thereby predicting shortfalls. This is designed to build a solid foundation for the cost-efficient operation and effective management of your computing environment.

Security Assessment

Security Assessment delivers a comprehensive security review and assessment of a current security environment. Security exposures and risks are identified within a customer’s policies, processes, procedures, networks, and systems. This gives the customer the benefit of an outside security review of their environment, which analyzes and measures their level of security versus industry standards and best practices.

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