Managed Hosting

Access the robust, secure, redundant, infrastructure you need today, without a significant up-front investment.

We offer the expertise and practices for managing data center environments. We engage the best of hosting infrastructure providers depending on your requirements to deliver the best service at an affordable cost.

Managed Hosting Service includes both traditional hosting and new virtual hosting services based on the latest virtualization technologies and features multiple hardware and software support options and competitive service level agreements.

With Managed Hosting Services, you can access the robust, secure, redundant, infrastructure you need today, without a significant up-front investment. Then tap into built-in scalability that lets you add middleware or services at any time. Best of all, by choosing us as your hosting services provider, you are free to concentrate on what matters most: the long-term growth of your organization.

Managed (Cloud) Hosting Service offering includes

  • Security — Our range of cutting-edge security consulting, technology, incident management and alert services can help decrease system vulnerability. Using virtually peerless security know-how, our experienced security teams can proactively test your servers for weaknesses and provide expert advice in the event of a breach.
  • Data protection — Helps protect your data from accidental loss and destruction. Plus, you’ll gain a feeling of confidence, knowing that your critical business information will be there when you need it.
  • Performance — Our services help ensure that your e-business runs at optimal performance 24×7, able to respond on demand to customers and to business fluctuations. We offer local and geographic load balancing, distributed caching and other content delivery tools that can help enable greater responsiveness and reliability.
  • Professional services — Specialized skills and virtually unmatched expertise, yours to access. Our professionals design and manage some of the most demanding sites in the world. They can also help you build reliable, scalable solutions to keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Plus, a full range of server, networking, monitoring, and application support services.

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