Security and Resilience

.. to root out the threats, to safeguard our intellectual property, to protect our reputations and privacy

In this new global reality, “open for business” can mean pooling resources and sharing sensitive information among organizations are the de facto costs of admission to the global economy. The line between participation and isolation can also mark the line of opportunity and risk. Now more than ever, we rely on our business systems and automated policies to guard that line.

Security requirements are  driven by

  • A highly dynamic IT environment that can respond efficiently to elastic scalability demands.
  • The ability to use electronic identities for sensitive and mission-critical purposes.
  • End-user demands for more control and self-determination with their online identities.
  • Secure, reliable, flexible and composable appli­cations that can facilitate a rapid response to changing business needs.
  • Accommodation of the organization’s desired level of control of the IT environment.
  • A risk-based approach to managing IT security and its contribution to operational and busi­ness risk.
  • Mobile devices to be a secure source of identity and a business platform.
  • High-risk decisions based on secure, high-quality information sources.
  • IT systems that can sense and respond to the real-world environment
Security Technologies
  • Encryption Technology
  • Intrusion Detection Analysis
  • Cloud and Virtualization security
  • Wireless Security
  • LAN/WAN Security
  • SSL Certificates
  • Biometrics

Business Benefits of Security and Resilience Services

Improving resilience and responding quickly to threats are imperative for a successful business.  Our resilience service offering can help you blend your continuity, availability and recovery strategies in a defined resilient environment. Our cost-effective, customized solution can help strengthen and optimize your IT availability and keep your business running smoothly. Our resilience service offering:

  • Helps integrate continuity, security and recovery strategies within a cost-effective, security-rich environment
  • Helps you support recovery objectives, strengthen IT infrastructure and increase responsiveness with a defined resilient architecture
  • Gives you access to tools and expertise to design and structure and maintain a resilient infrastructure architecture

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