Software Support

Quickly resolve even the most complex software-related problems to keep operations functioning efficiently.

Our offerings ensure that your software systems remain operational, free of defects and responsive to changing processing needs — and provide ongoing proactive maintanace as required.

Software-related problems can really slow down a business—not to mention tie up IT staff. We provide a service portfolio that offers comprehensive software technical support, including individual problem fixes and product usage advice, for virtually all of your software products.

We Offer

  • Server Software maintenance
  • Desktop Software maintenance
  • Custom applications support and maintenance

Server Software Maintenance

Our Server Support Services provides a scalable, configurable suite of services to help you administer your server environment more efficiently and cost-effectively, either on your premises or from a Business Partner facility

Desktop Software Maintenance

Providing support for both ICT components under a simplified contract structure, we can help you meet service level expectations and can act as a trusted advisor to your IT organization. Coverage is available for distributed workstations, high end to midrange equipment, PCs, printers, servers, mobile and networking hardware and software.

Custom Applications Support

This service offering ensures that software products post-implementation are maintained for bugs, enhancements and performance tuning. This service ensures that your software investment remain relevant and in tune with the business requirements.

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