Travel and Hospitality

The Travel & Hospitality industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. In a highly complex and competitive environment, companies have to become more customer-focused; travel companies can achieve greater customer advocacy, retention and loyalty – all of which translates into improved financial results. Deliver new self-service technologies and incorporate customer insights into core business decisions and operations.

GDS Content Distributors

The Global Distribution Systems (GDS) market is rapidly changing having to cope with increased competition, changing technology and a constantly evolving marketplace. We understand these challenges and have worked with Industry players to come up with technology solutions to meet this challenge.

Baraza NDC Customer Relationship Management System

The CRM allows the NDC to gather and manage valuable customer (Travel Agents) data in a centralized location
The System has the following modules:

  1. Accounts Management
  2. Helpdesk
  3. Field Visits
  4. Transport
  5. Asset Management
  6. Training
  7. Agent Productivity

Travel Agents and Tour Operators

Travel Agents and Tours Operators are seeking to differentiate their service lines to compensate for commission reduction and boost revenue in the new competitive marketplace. We have many years experience with leading Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and other supplier system and have worked with Travel Agency industry players to develop solutions below.

Reservation Enquiries Management System

By using the Enquiries Management System, Travel Agencies are able to offer their customers a number of services. The services include:

Messaging Services

Service notifications

  • Flight booking notifications
  • Flight fare notifications
  • Flight change notifications

Promotional notifications

  • New Travel Offers
  • A new product or service has been launched

Reminder notifications

  • Invoice balance payments
SMS Transactions

Allow customers to query

  • Prices of Tour Package
  • Fares from Global Distribution System (GDS) (quotation)
  • Balance on account

PNR Management System

The PNR Management system scans and monitors critical changes to the air itinerary of your and sends alerts either as Short Message Service or as email. It also checks queues for vendor remarks and actions specified tasks like clearing specific queues.


  • Email and SMS PNR vendor remarks
  • Change alerts are being pushed to email and SMS
  • Cost effective communication
  • Complete control of the booking file changes
  • Alerts in the form of SMS and/or email
  • Multiple recipient support
  • Send auto alerts to customers using the numbers/mail address stored in the PNR
  • Write rules for individual queues
  • Write rules for individual airlines
  • Easy rule edit function to modify existing rules
  • Get notified for specific modifications to the air segments like only cancelled, only time change etc
  • Comprehensive user settings to customize the alerts
  • Complete logs of email and SMS sent

Service Fee Management System

In the era of zero commission, Travel Agents and Tour Operators have to efficiently manage and collect service fees levied to their clients. Using the Service Fee Management system, fee management is automated and can be integrated to Travelport Fee Manager to enable the travel agents to add service fees seamlessly into the travel booking process and automate their collection and management.


  • The tool is user friendly since it has an easy to use user interface.
  • Proper tracking of all service fees charged, invoiced and collected.
  • Saves time on processing service fees.
  • Any commands that the user needs to execute done by the click of a button making the tool easy to use.
  • This tool integrates to GDS and Back office Accounting systems therefore making management work easier since every details associated with the booking are accurately sent to the Accounting System for invoicing.

Hotel Voucher Management System

The Hotel Voucher Management System is a web-based system that will be used handle Hotel booking and reservation and to keep track of all the relevant information on the booking. This system is meant to make booking and hotel reservation easy and efficient.  Hotel booking and reservation involves a lot of information therefore making it cumbersome for a user to do everything manually. For example this process involves hotels that have numerous rates therefore forcing a user to always check the hotels rates documents whenever he/she has a client. Ideally, this slows down the booking process and errors can also be committed.


In trying to make the booking process easy, the system has a system configuration section that will keep track of all properties and their rates in the back office and easily present them to the users whenever they want to make a booking. The voucher script will also integrate with the Back Office Accounting systems for invoicing purpose.

The voucher script has advantages over the manual hotel booking. The merits include:

  1. Consultants do not have the hard task of checking their rates every time they do a booking
  2. User friendly
  3. Effective since the clients and the vendors are already saved in the system
  4. Saves time to train new users
  5. Keeping track of all vouchers and all details of all operations
  6. Keeps an audit trail to monitor the process
  7. Automation of the invoicing process
  8. Security – every user has go to through authentication process to access the system

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