IT Infrastructure

Cost Effectively Solve your Key Infrastructure Challenges

To effectively deploy IT, and to ensure that your IT infrastructure supports your business strategy is particularly challenging in today’s complex and rapidly changing environment. You have to develop a roadmap and continually enhance and evolve your managing a multi-platform, multi-technology environment.

Our delivery of ICT Infrastructure is an offering that addresses infrastructure solutions cost effectively for any kind of organization. With industry knowledge and experience from DewCIS and our Business Partners, our solutions feature server platforms with pre-integrated middleware and selected ISV packaged solutions to help solve the most common business problems. This approach is designed to leverage best practices for repeatable, predictable solutions and to help reduce implementation time and allow for ease of customization or future extensibility.

  • Cost effectively solve your key IT infrastructure challenges
  • Provide customized and integrated solutions to your customers, partners and employees
  • Grow IT as your business needs demand with a modular, open, building-block based infrastructure
  • Improve reliability, security and manageability with an integrated servers, storage, networking and software solution
  • Reduce costs, power consumption and floor space by simplifying your infrastructure
  • Extend your solutions backed by a strong alliance of Partners
  • Simplify your IT acquisition process

Server Services

Networking & Communication

We provide a broad portfolio of server services to help you optimize your computing environment and cost-effectively improve its utilization, availability, security and management.

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Our networking and communications services focus on designing, implementing and managing your communications and networking environments to optimize them for anytime, anywhere integrated business communications.

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Security & Resilience

Identity & Compliance

The line between participation and isolation can also mark the line of opportunity and risk. Now more than ever, we rely on our business systems and automated policies to guard that line — to root out the threats, to safeguard our intellectual property, to protect our reputations and privacy.

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Identity management streamlines and simplifies the process of managing user identities across a variety of applications in order to provide provisioning and secure access, ensure ongoing compliance and enable federation for sharing beyond boundaries.

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Monitoring & Management

Managed (Cloud) Hosting

Our Network monitoring and Management offering allows you to reduce network downtime, know about failures immediately, even have failures corrected automatically without your intervention.

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We offer the expertise and practices for managing data center environments. We engage the best of hosting infrastructure providers depending on your requirements to deliver the best service at an affordable cost

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