Deliver timely personalized shopping experiences and excel in daily operations

Openbravo Store Solution

Openbravo Commerce Suite offers all the rich functionality demanded by leading retailers, including sales, refunds, daily reports, cash management and warehouse management.

A state-of-the-art store management solution that helps retailers transform their physical stores channel and succeed in their new role in today’s omnichannel retail. Including a very easy to use and learn POS solution with a comprehensive transaction set available from any device, and offering comprehensive backoffice support to deliver timely personalised shopping experiences and help associates excel in their daily operations

Benefits of Openbravo Store Solution


Leverage cloud with a full web solution including strong offline capabilities that are very easy to deploy and use


Enhance customer service with a powerful mobile POS providing assisted sale and inventory visibility everywhere in the store


Gain deeper insights into store performance and customer behavior with embedded analytics


Leverage prior IT investments and integrate easily with existing corporate systems like SAP or others


Save time dramatically by updating your stores and terminals immediately with new or updated products, prices and promotions


Ensure secured store operations with role-based security and manager approvals


Enable your stores to become real multi-channel hubs

Features of Openbravo Store Solutions

General Features


  • Enable faster and flexible setup of new stores and terminals
  • Bring new products, prices and promotions into your stores in minutes
  • Sharpen your focus on customer service and improve loyalty with mobile POS
  • Ensure secure and accurate cash management in your stores and terminals
  • Enable e-commerce integration for a seamless omnichannel experience


Streamline in-store inventory operations for omni-channel excellence

  • Achieve efficient and cost-effective multi-store inventory management
  • Enhance customer service with real-time inventory visibility at POS



Enable stores to support efficient retail corporate functions

  • Simplify management for financial and regulatory compliance in your physical stores
  • Maximize productivity of your store staff
  • Improve operations visibility at headquarters with seamless integration with any ERP


Manage retail stores with real-time visibility

  • Gain tighter control through robust multi-store reporting
  • Improve fraud and loss prevention in your stores
  • Enable simpler data analysis with spreadsheet-style familiarity


Prepare for future growth as your retail store network evolves

  • Enable international expansion of your store network
  • Gain endless flexibility and scalability to support future store network needs
  • Achieve financial savings and store agility with Cloud and Mobility


User Interface

Increase staff productivity and empower your employees with a modern web user interface which is easy to use and learn and can be personalized to end user preferences.

Business Intelligence

Gain higher visibility into business performance and actionable insights that allow to make more informed decisions and react faster to market changes

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