Baraza HCM Features Highlight

Baraza HCM Features Highlight

Baraza HCM incorporates a suitable Recruitment Module, which allows the HR department to coordinate the entire recruitment process into a simplified and verifiable workflow. The recruitment workflow will undertake requisite procedures from gathering candidate information to candidate shortlisting, interview sessions, and finally, the candidate selection. To improve efficiency, the recruitment management module offers an applicant tracking system that can receive or reject applicants automatically based on some predefined criteria. This feature is critical when dealing with vast volumes of applicants which should be processed within a limited timeframe from which to select the most suitable talent.

Baraza HCM has an effective Employee Management Module which supports organisations and HR professionals to control and supervise the employee profiles and their personal information including employee background information, contact details, previous experience details, qualification details, skills and job-related information such as salary details, tax, and banking information, employee position, performance evaluation, disciplinary details, insurance, and loan plans and much more. Furthermore, the Baraza HCM readily provides an employee self-service portal to strengthen the accountability of employees. The employee self-service portal is beneficial to staff who can receive messages and updates through simple and timely notifications. The employee self-service portal offers a window for staff to initiate certain processes including Leave application, Advance requests and generation and printing of personal reports including P9 forms.

Baraza HCM Payroll Module runs a crucial yet repetitive monthly process that would otherwise be a headache to the HR department. Save for efficiently processing pay, compute and retain relevant taxes and deductions, the Payroll Module is an engine for managing compensations and benefits including salary allowances and overtime work rates. Fully integrated within Baraza HCM, the Payroll Module minimises manual data entry and reduces human error because the information is all collected from a single source.

Baraza HCM Attendance Management Module supports HR in managing the daily attendance monitoring activities of its entire staff. The platform supports various modes of attendance including manual identification, barcode scanner, Kiosk mode, and GPS presence. Critical for on-sight jobs and support for shift management, the attendance module allows managers to regularly generate and examine attendance reports through attendance logs.

Baraza HCM Leave Management module is important for both colleagues and the HR department to have an insight into who is present and who is absent and the reason behind the absenteeism. All types of time off, such as vacations, sick off, maternity, casual, and other types of paid and unpaid time off, are tracked by the module. Furthermore, the Baraza HCM Leave Management Module supports various leave types, policies and holidays. Both staff and management can view the leave balances and can plan their time off accordingly. The module allows employees to apply for leave from anywhere using a dedicated mobile app or desktop web app. Likewise, relevant immediate and responsible personnel are able to approve or reject leave applications from anywhere and at any time. The complete leave analysis of the organisation is available from a single dashboard including tracking of individual leave history and publishing of organisation-wide leave schedules.

Baraza HCM Performance Management Module allows HR to objectively analyse employees and by extension the organisational performance. This unbiased analysis of employee performance supported by actual data empowers the HR to take suitable decisions for promotions, training or other actions relevant to the advancement of the organisation. The appraisal and assessment process is standard and transparent for both the staff and management which allows for fair scores across the entire organisation. The various reports generated support HR to understand the overall productivity ratio of individual employees.

Baraza HCM Dashboard & Reporting Module displays a deep insight into the most critical HR parameters of the organisation at a glance. The Dashboard publishes the most relevant and informative data aspects of HR for the convenience of users, employees and management. Services including notices, reminders and announcements are effectively communicated to all staff via the Dashboard. The Reporting Module includes the generation of any sort of information data from the system concerning the HR aspects of the organisation including statutory, regulatory, contractual and training reports required not only for compliance purposes but more important for decision-making and growth.