CodePamoja Software Developer Internship

Modern Software Development

Rapidly changing social and business environments create a need for software development methodologies to be adaptable and produce high quality software in a very short time. This means that developers need to be thoroughly trained not only in technology but also in project management techniques. Some of the project management techniques used in modern software development, such as Agile methodologies and Scrum, can only be learned by hands-on experience. Opportunities for many software developers in Kenya to gain skills by participating in projects using these techniques are limited.

Two Kenyan companies have teamed up with a Dutch software firm to overcome this problem through a training scheme called CodePamoja.

What is CodePamoja?

CodePamoja is a vocational training program where Kenyan developers learn how to work to international quality standards using the latest project management techniques. The training focuses on complementing technical skills acquired from undergraduate level training with up-to-date project management experience and exposure to Enterprise Software Development techniques.

A unique opportunity

CodePamoja trainees learn by collaborating with developers in the EU on real projects. This is a unique opportunity to gain experience in the latest project management methods and software tooling by working with more experienced developers – people who have worked on some of the largest software development projects in Europe.

How it works

CodePamoja uses a buddy system where Kenyan developers collaborate with developers in the Netherlands in Virtual Teams. The emphasis is on knowledge sharing and there is no set training agenda or syllabus. People attending CodePamoja can work part-time or full-time, with reasonably flexible hours. Typically someone will attend CodePamoja for around three months depending on skills levels. Multiple projects can be in progress at any one time, people may work on more than one project simultaneously and may join projects at any stage in their lifecycle from design to deployment. The virtual teams and projects are coordinated using Scrum, which means regular meetings and discussions to review project progress.

What can you expect at the end?

After attending the CodePamoja program developers will understand how modern systems are built using Enterprise software development techniques. An understanding of the importance of teamwork will have been developed. Attendees will have learnt how to produce high quality software and keep up with rapid development cycles by making use of Agile methodologies and Scrum. Technical skills will be enhanced through exposure to tooling (e.g. git, Grunt, Gulp, SASS). Programming skills will be enhanced depending on needs and wishes of the individual.

The Ideal Applicant:

Candidate trainees are recent graduates with a BSc. Computer Science or Bachelors in Business IT (BBIT Degree) from a reputable university. Applicants must possess basic skills in one or more programming languages (Java, JavaScript, PHP etc), a scripting language, HTML & CSS and/or database management.

How to Apply

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